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We contribute to improving Māori Health and wellbeing by providing support to the Māori allied health workforce to strengthen and grow

Te Whatu Ora or DHB staff who are tangata whenua, employed under allied health, scientific, technical, public or Māori health worker roles are able to access full funding for their membership fees under their MECA agreement.  If you think you are eligible, click on the link above and fill out the information.  We will send you an email and coupon code for the funded membership which you then use to sign up below.


Ngā Pou Mana invites all Māori allied health kaimahi and Māori health allies to join today!

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Defined as Māori Allied Health by NPM

Tangata Whenua Allied Health Member means any individual who is a tangata whenua allied health kaimahi, researcher, student, technician or assistant, and who applies to be a member of the Association as an individual as determined by the Committee – see our list of eligible roles/professions here

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Not Māori Allied Health but love the kaupapa

Tangata Whenua Associate Member means any individual who is tangata whenua, who has an interest in Ngā Pou Mana, and advancing the health and wellbeing of te iwi Māori, who applies to be a member of the Association as an individual, and their current mahi or study is not categorised as allied health

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Wanting to join as a group, organisation, institution

Ngā Taura Here Affiliate Member means any organisation, association, or institution who wish to register their tangata whenua kaimahi as a group/roopū on the behalf of their organisation, association, or institution.

Membership Fees And Rates

There are 3 membership fee rates.  All rates are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

Membership fees are paid annually from the 1st of September – 31st of August each year.

Members must be Tangata Whenua.  This means members must whakapapa to the whenua of Aotearoa (indigenous Māori of New Zealand). 

Ngā Pou Mana also welcome membership from those tangata whenua individuals or groups who are not defined as “tangata whenua allied health”, but have an interest in Ngā Pou Mana, and in advancing the health and wellbeing of Māori.

Non-Māori can join our email subscriber list to keep up to date with all the latest news and training opportunities.

Benefits Of Membership

  • Whanaungatanga – access to a network of Māori allied health kaimahi and students
  • Scholarship awards – recognition of Māori allied health excellence
  • Support – training, mentoring, job and research opportunities, tautoko grants
  • Advocacy for culturally responsive, safe work and study environments
  • Access to members only portal – current information, resources, news and research
  • Discounted training and wānanga opportunities for cultural and professional development​​
  • Ability to leverage off the collective voice of Māori allied health to influence change across health and workforce development systems

Events & Training

We welcome you to register your interest for Ngā Pou Mana events here.

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Ngā Pou Mana are proud to be able to provide the Ngā Taonga Mātauranga o Ngā Pou Mana scholarships and awards to tauira and kaimahi Māori.

Ngā Pou Mana have established yearly scholarships in collaboration with PHARMAC that are provided to kaimahi and/or tauira Māori who are in study, and/or those who have had a positive impact on their whānau, hapū, iwi or communities.

The awards are to support Māori allied health workforce development, so that people can continue study and to grow professional and cultural practice. The awards will provide much needed tautoko and manaaki for Māori kaimahi and students to continue their ongoing development.

Applications are open to the public and members of Ngā Pou Mana. We recognise that the health workforce is changing with new roles within Whānau Ora, the revitalisation of rongoā Māori practices, and Iwi and kaupapa Māori services. Additionally we have a community category, allowing grassroots mahi to be recognised and honoured that exists and remains outside of institutions and organisations.

There are three scholarship categories:

  • Ngā Pou Mana Kete Tuauri $1,000 – Community and whānau x 6 recipients
  • Ngā Pou Mana Kete Aronui $1,500 – Students x 4 recipients
  • Ngā Pou Mana Mātauranga Māori $2,000 – Te Ao Māori/Kaupapa Māori x 4 recipients

This year we will be offering $20,000 worth of scholarships in the above categories. If you require further information please see the sections below or contact us scholarships@ngapoumana.org.nz

We look forward to receiving your applications. Kia kaha!

19th October 2023.  Scholarship recipients will be announced during our Hui-ā-tau which is happening in Tāmaki Makaurau on the 18th November 2023.

You will be sent an email receipt confirming the application has been received.  If you have not heard from us, please email scholarships@ngapoumana.org.nz

Yes.  You are still able to apply if you are not a paying member of Ngā Pou Mana.

  • You must be of Māori descent and be able to provide some details of your whakapapa.
  • Category One: Community kaimahi and/or volunteers.  This award is open to those working in the community (voluntary or paid) making a positive change in the area of hauora.
  • Category Two: Student Award.  This award is open to those studying at any level (certificate, diploma, degree, postgraduate, masters, PhD or doctorate) in an allied health pathway.
  • Category Three: Mātauranga Māori. This award is open to those who are entering into study or are in study to build their understanding of Te Ao Māori. Students do not have to be studying in an allied health pathway.
  • It is at the discretion of the Ngā Pou Mana award panel to determine what kaimahi or roles can be considered for the Mātauranga Māori award, which can include, but are not limited to: cultural advisors, therapy assistants, whānau ora navigators, rongoā Māori practitioners and technician assistants.
  • Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing students and professionals cannot apply for the Ngā Pou Mana awards (please check other scholarships including the Te Ora Medical Student Awards, Māori Pharmacy Awards, and the Māori Nurses Awards)
  • People living outside of Aotearoa/New Zealand cannot apply for these awards
  • If you already receive full scholarships for your study, you may not be eligible for these awards
  • Incomplete form (please refer to checklist that ALL applicable sections have been completed)

Either click on the button “apply for a scholarship now” or you can fill in a paper application below and email it to scholarships@ngapoumana.org.nz

Our Alumni

Ngā Taonga Matauranga o Ngā Pou Mana Awards were established in 2018, and we now have a puna of kaimahi and students that have been the lucky recipients of these awards.  

Ngā Pou Mana will look to acknowledge these rangatira through our alumni collective page here on the website and we look forward to showcasing the mahi they are now achieving in our communities.

Advocacy Support

Ngā Pou Mana often get asked to support kaimahi and students in an advisory capacity if there are issues relating to employment, health services or complaints regarding racism and discrimination.

We encourage our members to reach out if they are looking for support for Māori workforce related kaupapa.

We will endeavour to do our best to help or point you in the right direction for some support.

Tēnā koe! Sign up so we can keep you updated with all the latest news, training and events. Mauri ora!

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